Only hotel guests may use the Miyanoshita hot spring facilities.
Take in the majestic view of the Hakone volcanic caldera and feel the power of nature from season to season as you soak in one of the seven famed hot springs of Hakone.

・Hours: 14:00–24:00 and 5:00–11:00
・Location: 6F FOREST WING
・Spring quality
Sodium-chloride spring / Cleaning bath with circulating filtration
・Men's bath
Indoor bath 1(22.6m2) / Semi open-air bath 1(12.5m2) / Sauna×1 / Washing areas×10 / Shower booth×1 / Powder Room×5 / Locker×40
・Women's bath
Indoor bath 1(22.6m2) / Semi open-air bath 1(12.5m2) / Sauna×1 / Washing areas×10 / Shower booth×1 / Powder Room×5 / Locker×40
*Persons with tattoos are asked not to use the public bathing facilities.

A private bathing room

A private bathing room where you can enjoy the renowned Miyanoshita Onsen hot springs to your heart’s content

[Spring quality] sodium-chloride springs
Contraindications(Prohibition) and indications (禁忌症と適応症)
General indications of medicinal springs (for bathing) (浴用に関する一般的適応症)
Chronic pains or stiffness of muscle or joints (the chronic phase of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pains, nerve pains, frozen shoulder, bruises, etc.); Muscle stiffness in motor paralysis; Excessive sensitivity to cold and peripheral circulatory failure; Gastrointestinal hypofunction (slow digestion, intestinal gas formation, etc.); Mild hypertension; Impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes) Mild hypercholesterolemia; Mild asthma or emphysema; Pains of hemorrhoids; Autonomic instability and various symptoms from stress (Sleep disorder, depression, etc.); Restorative phase from illness; and Recovery from fatigue and improvement of health
Indications by constitutions(chloride) of hot spring(泉質(塩化物)の浴用に関する適応症)
For Bathing: Cuts, peripheral circulatory failure, excessive sensitivity to cold, depression and xeroderma
General contraindications of hot springs (for Bathing) (浴用に関する禁忌症)
Active stage of diseases (especially when fever is accompanied); Active tuberculosis, advanced malignant tumor or the case of significant debility involving severe anemia, etc. ; Severe cardiac or lung diseases involving suffocation feelings with a little movement and severe kidney diseases involving edema; Gastrointestinal bleeding and when bleeding is visible; and Acute exacerbation stage of chronic disease
Contraindications by constitutions(sodium ion) of hot spring (泉質(Naイオン)に関する禁忌症)
<Hints for enjoying bathing in 100% free-flowing hot springs>
Fill the bathtub with hot spring water from the source (without adding water), and bathe when the temperature is just right.

Relaxation — ZEN

Zen—a new relaxation facility—will be installed within the spa area on the sixth floor of FOREST WING.

・Hours: 15:00–24:00(last entry 23:00)
・Location: 6F FOREST WING


This indoor pool is for the exclusive use of hotel guests. There is also a gym on site.
Said to be Japan’s first hotel indoor pool, it uses natural hot spring water from Hakone/Miyanoshita.
The classical atmosphere offers guests the chance to unwind and relax.
*Length: 12m, width: 5.5m, depth: 1.0m–1.2m
*No swimwear rental available.

・Hours: 7:00–21:00
・Pool Fee: Free (only hotel guests may use) 


4 fitness machines from Italy's top brand "Technogym" are available.

・Hours: 7:00–21:00
・Fee: Free (only hotel guests may use)