Fujiya Hotel Grand Opening (July-15-2020)

*Notification of renovation works (Grand Opening on July 15th, 2020)

Founded in 1878, the Fujiya Hotel is one of the oldest in Japan. 
Many famous people from around the world have visited and stayed at the Fujiya. 
The Fujiya Hotel offers four types of accommodation: in the Main , the Comfy Lodge / Restful Cottage, the Flower Palace, the Forest Wing. 
The Main , the Comfy Lodge / Restful Cottage, the Flower Palace are all registered as important cultural assets in Japan. 
Here in Hakone you have the opportunity to stay in architecturally significant buildings, where you will receive the highest level of service honed over our long history. 
Our hotel is located in Miyanoshita, in the middle of the Hakone area, making it a convenient base for touring around the region, whether your interests are sightseeing in Hakone or shopping at the Gotemba Outlet Mall. 
Some of our famous guests include Charles Chaplin, Helen Keller, John Lennon, Prince Albert (later George VI) of the UK, Prince Charles, the Swedish Crown Prince and his retinue, the Emperor Showa, and the current Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita.